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If you are a newcomer to the excitement and thrills of making money at the horse races, CompuTrak is for you.




Because we designed CompuTrak with you in mind, making it easy for you to get started right away. With CompuTrak you will quickly be on your way to the fun and gratification of wagering on winning horses.



Simply clicking on a “CompuTrak Picks” button gives you the names of the horses most likely to win.


Why does this work?

CompuTrak is based on sound engineering and mathematical principles.


You say it is easy, how so? 

CompuTrak has a very simple and intuitive main screen.  You need only provide the horse racing data files, easily downloaded to CompuTrak from standard industry sources.


What if I want to advance my handicapping skills? 

As you learn more about horse racing, or if you are already experienced, CompuTrak gives you the tools to handicap races more thoroughly to win an even greater percentage of races.   These tools include our reports and our graphical charts.


How can I learn all there is to know about CompuTrak?

Our documentation is complete and thorough.  And we provide very quick responses to your technical questions.  


How do I know that CompuTrak is all that you say it is? 

Read our testimonials, our test results, and what Dr. Sartin (a well-known horse racing expert) has to say about  CompuTrak.  And see what Brad Free, noted Daily Racing Form columnist, has to say.  And see for yourself by downloading a free CompuTrak trial.