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Revelation Software Documentation Page

Each Revelation Software document is formatted in Adobe PDF format.   In order to view a document, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.  If you do not currently have Adobe Reader installed, you may download a free copy at Adobe's own download site.

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- These Documents Are Available for Online Viewing and Downloading -
"Tutorial, CompuTrak Handicapper 2005"
Shows a simple way to begin handicapping and demonstrates how to choose profitable winning horses.
"Engineering Analysis of Thoroughbred Racing"
Describes the fundamental research that became the basis for CompuTrak. Interpreting horse racing data, normally available in publications such as the Daily Racing Form, as engineering data, the paper develops new concepts, and accurate tools for successful race handicapping.
"Addendum to Engineering Analysis of Thoroughbred Racing"
Builds on the engineering approach to arrive at the capability constants for a standard horse, and shows the derivation of the Boxer Number: a strong indicator of overall horse capability.
"User's Manual, CompuTrak Handicapper 2005"
Describes how to use CompuTrak Handicapper 2005 by discussing techniques that are appropriate both for the novice and the more experienced handicapper. Includes a step-by-step example of a handicapping method. Also recommends a successful way to handicap well when you have only a limited time for it.
"Handicapping with CompuTrak Handicapper 2005"
Describes how to install and run CompuTrak, defines each of the outputs, and shows examples of the two basic output formats generated by the program.