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Since its inception, users have been impressed enough with CompuTrak Handicapper to take the time to send us their gracious comments. A few of these follow:



"CompuTrak has been an integral part of my handicapping portfolio for more than 6 years now.   Imagine having handicapping information that is not provided in any other thoroughbred computer program or service!  Imagine using a precise “friction” number which can accurately predict a horse true ability to withstand and respond to the pace of the race!  This is just one of the most innovative features ever incorporated into a thoroughbred handicapping program.  I have seen the math or should I say complex calculus routines which are being used to develop these numbers.  You too would be amazed by their uncanny precision.

I could present a long list of winners; however, when you see the likes of War Emblem which showed up with the best “friction” and the best Boxer Speed, then you would have quickly realized that he was a great derby contender because he had a perfect balance of speed and friction which allowed him to respond to any possible pace scenario.

During the 2003 Breeders Cup, Cajun Beat showed up with one of the highest CompuTrak speed numbers that I had ever seen.  So when he blew by the likes of Shake You Down and Aldebaran, and paid a whopping $47.60 to win, I was not surprised.  Later in that same day, Action this Day came up with the lowest “friction” number, and ran to prove it by winning the Juvenile Filly race and paid another whopping $55.60.  These are just some of the great results that CompuTrak produces on a consistent basis. 

My handicapping will never be complete unless I look at CompuTrak’s numbers."

  - Terrence T., Miramar, FL  
  - Phillip King, Las Vegas, Nevada  
  - Rick Kelly, Princeton, New Jersey  
  - John Beaver, From a horse racing bulletin board  
  - James Madden, Henderson, Nevada  

"Over the years, I have used a wide array of handicapping software that includes free programs from brisnet.com and other highly regarded sources.  CompuTrak is simply the best program I have ever used. 

CompuTrak is a sophisticated handicapping tool that can be incredibly predictive.   

CompuTrak is an analytical handicapper’s dream come true while still maintaining an intuitive sense that is so important in thoroughbred racing.  This software is a wonderful blend of art and science. 

CompuTrak is an “in your face” program that allows the handicapper to make complex judgments as to how the race will be run and which horses will benefit the most.  The program is extremely solid in every respect."

  - D. Miller, Upstate New York  

"I have been an avid handicapper for many years and have used COMPUTRAK for more than two. 

Most horse race handicapping computer programs are based on handicapping approaches that have been in use for a long time. I have tried those, and have been generally unimpressed with them. 

I'm writing to tell you that I am very pleased with the results I have been getting with COMPUTRAK, and believe that the reason for this is that COMPUTRAK is unique in the way it applies engineering-physics to come up with so many insights that help me in my handicapping. That valuable output that you call Horse Friction, I'm sure could have only come about because of your engineering methods. 

With your new method, COMPUTRAK has given me unique performance parameters for each past performance race, which have given me the ability to compare horses for readiness and do form cycle forecasting.   

I have also found that COMPUTRAK makes it easy for me to identify the strongest pacers and closers without being deceived by extra fast or slow pace in previous races.  

To summarize: COMPUTRAK has given me the best opportunity to identify profitable risk to reward wagers. 

It really works for me."

  - Jim Wahl, Auburn, California